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DealStartsHere: PlayStation 3 Accessories

DealStartsHere: Video Games

Check out my stores PlayStation 3 Accessories! We’ve got all sorts of products for PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and Sony PSP! We also carry all sorts of electronics accessories, iPhone, iPad and iPod Products and Jewelry too! Click through our store!

DealStartsHere: Video Games

Padded Traveling Bag + HDMI Cable for the PlayStation 3 Slim

Are you looking to take your beloved PS3 Slim Console on the road? Worried about damaging your Play Station 3 Slim System? Worry no more, we’ve got you covered! Here you have a high quality, padded messenger bag to transport your PS3 Slim to and fro! Designed specifically for the PlayStation 3 Slim System, this bag features a large main pocket for the console, a middle pocket for games and controllers and a front pocket to hold power cables and other accessories! You’ll also receive a Dolby Digital and DTS, Gold Plated HDMI Cable!

You can find more information by clicking on the picture or by clicking HERE!


12 in 1 Sports Accessory Pack + Motion and Navigation Control Dock Charger for the PlayStation Move

Get into the game with the PlayStation Move 12 in 1 Accessory Sports Bundle. You’ll get everything from Tennis Rackets to a Knights Sword in this ultimate sports gaming package. With this bundle you’ll also receive a PlayStation Move Controller Charging Dock. Charge 2 of your Motion Controllers as well as 2 of your Navigation Controllers at the same time with this dock.

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Six Axis Controller + A Wireless Keyboard Remote for the PlayStation 3

Featuring prcise and accurate motion-sensing technology, the wireless six axis controller let’s you get in full control of the game! The controller connects via Bluetooth for a smooth, wireless connection and has a built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery to save your wallet from expendable batteries. It also includes a USB Cable to recharge the lithium ion battery.

You’ll also receive a Wireless Keyboard Remote Controller that features a full slide out keyboard for all your browsing needs. With the Wireless Keyboard Controller you’ll also receive a charging dock that also functions as a receiver to pick up your Remotes signals.

You can find more information by clicking on the image or clicking HERE


Six Axis Controller Charging Dock + Cooling Fan for the PlayStation 3 Slim

Keep your beloved PS3 Slim Console cool and your PlayStation 3 Slim System Controllers charged with this double accessory pack! This USB powered cooling fan prevents your precious Play Station 3 Slim Console from overheating, therefore improving it’s performance and prolonging it’s life span. You’ll also receive a USB Powered Dual Six Axis Controller Charging Station!

You can find more information about this item by clicking on the image or browse through our other PlayStation 3 Accessories by clicking HERE!

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